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lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Jessie J - Domino

2 comentarios:

    Oh yeah, man, that's what I always used to say when I was 5 .
    Can still remember that horse and TONTO and the masque!
    Fuck man, remember the tricks that animal could do?
    And then, here comes REMY!
    So GROSS!
    He's an artist in CONAMME !
    He's a STARSCON!
    He's with the STARZ and SCORSESE !
    He 's in the mob with ODISPA- PATEDERE and POSECOMES!
    And they're now at TCAOF!
    Not to be confused with TCCARE.
    There goes MICHELEG!
    But to get back to BETTE MIDLER, wtf she doing in GERMANY?
    She with GERIZZO - CKGER?
    I know ASUFF and ASOCHER sure are.
    That's why they got CHERSCO- ELSIE ETOR and PORKMJ!
    And that's also why CAPESSIN getting it in the ANESSUP with SLYMSO!
    All that SLYZEN with LIZECO.
    It's all about GILLES now and KESSENTA!
    And that's METORST and BILLY BOO 222 and " TEXAS SUMMERS".

  2. Did you get that?
    Did you get that?
    Did you get that?
    Because if you did, then you got that they now have a LOG on GUY.